January 14, 2008

Crazy, crazy, crazy

That describes my life lately, and why I haven't been able to post in a while. We just opened A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and we're on break until Thursday night when it all starts up again. This show has a three week run, but there's always the possibility they'll extend if the turnout is strong. Anyway, if I'm not at rehearsal or a performance, I'm working or carting around my daughter to her engagements, so it's been a pretty jam-packed schedule since we've returned from vacation. It's all good, it just doesn't give one much time to stop and think. At any rate, we got a really nice review for the show, which is always gratifying and now we just have to make sure we keep delivering every night. My husband mentioned Saturday, though, after I'd done two shows and was completely beat, that it makes sense to see how actors get addicted to drugs. Not that I'm condoning it, but I can see how they start taking a little something to keep the energy up, and then next thing you know, you're Britney Spears being strapped to a gurney and rolled out of your house on national television.

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