January 02, 2008

Back in the hizzie.

K, I'm back. Let the revelry begin. It's so nice to be back in South Bend and have to deal with a foot of snow. Really. I mean it. Ugh. And it's so funny how we didn't hit any snow on our way back until we crossed into Indiana. Anyway, we're working with a wind chill of four degrees right now. I'm going to haul my sorry ass outside pretty soon to brush off the satellite dish because we haven't been able to get a signal for two days. That's almost an eternity. I really like the price of satellite compared to cable, but it bites when the weather screws up reception. Had a pretty good holiday, though. It was good to be back in DC. We went to the spy museum and acted out our James Bond fantasies. It was cool. I embarrassed my daughter, though, because every time I entered a room, I plastered myself up against a wall until I knew the location was secure. Kids, they just don't know how to have fun. My dog is cute. Just had to say that because I looked over at where she's sleeping on the couch and she's just so precious. Looking at her makes my insides go all mushy. K, I'm gonna eat breakfast and then shovel snow.

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