October 31, 2006

Get lost, kid. Halloween doesn't live here anymore.

My husband tells me he is not giving out candy tonight, and I beleive him because I haven't bought any candy and neither has he. He swore after last Halloween that his candy-giving days were over because all the kids where "little shits." I feel kind of guilty about it because our daughter is going out collecting, so it only seems fair that we should give. This morning I asked him if there really were no good kids last year. He said about 25% were good, but the rest were obnoxious as hell. So, he'll go around with me and our daughter and just enjoy her enjoyment of Halloween. I just hope when we get back home our house isn't Tee-Peed. That would suck majorly. Here's my daughter in her Pricess Leia costume. She's rocking it old school.

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