February 18, 2004

Yes I am back again, guest blogger on my sister's site. I leave she wanted to see how long it would take for me to notice her little counter strike on my blog. I must say it would have been much more effective if she hadn't TOLD me that she launched a counter strike on my blog then inducing me to go check mine out and notice her post. On a different note. I think I'm going to be recreating in the fine city of AUSTIN, TX tomorrow! where the weather is supposed to be in the seventies! thats right I'm going to be sitting at a cafe listening to live music. sipping on a bit of shiner bock beer, and eating a bit of tex mex gold! while my sister will still be freezing her boogers off in Indiana. But alas, I will bow my head and poor a bit of my beer out for my homey that passed.

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