February 25, 2004

K, I'm on Dayquill. Is that how it's spelled? I am kind of wigging out right now. I'm really tired and sorta spacing. Last night, when I was on the Ny-quill (I know that's not spelled right) everything seemed really slow. That's the best thing about it. Everything sort of feels like it's happening in a dream, but it's not. I remember my husband telling me he was going to watch TV and then I remember him telling me he just finished watching True Lies, but there was no time between those two announcements. Led Zepplin is playing right now. My eyes are closed as I'm typing this. I have this problem with my daugter because she is concerned that the boy she considers her best friend at school doesn't like her anymore. I don't really know what to tell her to make her feel better, because, you know, boys are stupid. Of course, this one is only six, but she's not really getting that thing with boys where they don't want to play with girls because it's not cool or whatever. Anyway, she's confused because she really does think of him as her best friend and she's not really interested in just playing with someone else. I give her suggestions, but in...OK, gotta go, work calls.

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