July 09, 2009

Podcast, episode 31

You thought I'd abandoned you for Twitter, didn't you? Well, I kinda have, but I'll still be stopping by every now and again just to keep you guessing. Here's the latest episode of my podcast. I talk to a special friend I made on Twitter. See, Twitter is for friends. Anywho, give it a listen. As usual, it's worth your time.


awonger said...

Great episode! Ha, I've only been waiting for it for a month.

As a kid, my friend and I also stumbled on his dad's porn stash. I was old enough to know what was though. I think porn magazines are the way of the past anyways, everything is online now.


Korean Celt said...

Thanks.:-) I don't know, it seems I've seen enough skin magazines out there to suggest some people still like their porn portable.