November 26, 2008

KC goes to a Supernatural convention

So, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was going to a Supernatural convention to see Jared and Jensen, the two guys who star in the show. Well, I did that and it was...interesting. I was able to get a ticket into the convention, which did a lot to help me enjoy my weekend. And I had a really good time. My friends and I went out Saturday evening and did a little shopping, had a little dinner (where I scored us a couple of free deserts. A big shout out to Jimmy Park.), enjoyed a few drinks at a nice Irish pub, got kicked out of the piano bar we went to after, and ended the evening back at the hotel bar. All in all, a very enjoyable time.

Before I talk about the convention, I feel like I should explain I've never been to a convention for a television show before. I've seen movies and programs about conventions, like the Star Trek conventions and what not, but I've never been to one. At any rate, I expected this Supernatural convention to be something like what I'd seen on TV of other similar gatherings. Yeah, it wasn't like that. First of all, the attendees were largely female. I'm talking, oh, probably 98% of the people present. There where so many women, I had to really wonder why the men who were there, were there. Maybe they were gay. I don't know, and it really doesn't matter, but they had to feel like outsiders. It was seriously wall-to-wall women. On second thought, maybe the few men were there to score chicks. At any rate, this convention was nothing like conventions I've seen on television. There were only about five tables set up with merchandise, and it was all Supernatural stuff, which I guess makes sense, but you'd think they'd have other stuff. Anyway, we had the "cheap" ($50, thank you very much) seats in the very back of the ballroom, so we never got a really good look at the boys because they just looked too small. Now directly behind the guys was a huge screen that I assumed they would use to project the guys on so that the people in the back could see. Wrong. They just showed some fan-made music video, which was actually pretty good, but WTF. I don't pay $50 for anything for myself and I shelled out cold, hard greenback to be in the same room with Sam and Dean Winchester and the convention organizers didn't even have the common sense to project their appearance onto a huge screen that was already there. And forget about trying to get a decent picture. It just wasn't possible from where I sat. So, I decided to sidle along the wall up a little closer to the stage to get a couple of shots. A lot of other people had the same idea and staff eventually made everyone go back to their seats. I understand not letting everyone crowd along the walls for safety reasons, but I think most people were only interested in getting a couple of somewhat decent pictures before sitting back down.

All in all, I'm glad I went. The boys were funny and charming, and I left liking them even more. I can't imagine I'd have had as much grace as they did answering stupid questions like: Um, what's your favorite color? But believe me, I don't ever, ever have to go to something like that again.

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