April 04, 2008

I'm outie.

My daughter and I are hitting the road for DC tomorrow. She's on Spring Break, so we're going to visit the rents. My husband is staying home because he doesn't have enough vacation to go now and do the two weeks we're planning this summer. We're also taking the dog, which should be interesting only because we'll have to leave her in the car by herself when we stop. The little mutt has a very unpleasant habit of evacuating some part of her body when left in the car alone, so I pray we don't find any surprises after returning from our potty breaks. You know what I wonder? I wonder if Dave Matthews is some kind of male nympho because I realized today that, like, ALL of his songs are about sex, have sex in them, or fantasize of upcoming sex. I'm not a prude or anything, but it's nice to have a larger repertoire to draw from. Know what I'm saying? I love Dave Matthews, so I'd like to see him stretch a little. My brother started working for Microsoft a few days ago, so I told him when he meets Bill Gates to have him pass a message on to Dave for me, telling him we should hang out or something. You know, because I think Dave Matthews lives in Seattle now and they're probably neighbors.

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