April 14, 2008

Go watch this movie.

I think Ben Stein should win an Oscar just for making this film because he addresses the very important issue of freedom of speech in academia, which more and more means freedom to speak as long as it agrees with the liberal bias found on most American college campuses these days. His movie specifically addresses the hostile environment awaiting any academic or researcher interested in exploring intelligent design, but it could really be addressing almost any arena within an academic environment. Here's the link to the movie site.


Now, I have no problem with people wanting to promote Darwinism or evolution, but I am dismayed that those who believe in creationism or intelligent design are branded ignorant and superstitious. For myself, I believe evolution is creationism, meaning I believe God created life and that evolution represents how that life has adapted to existence on this planet. But that one group should actively attempt to extinguish another contrary group within an "open marketplace of ideas" is disgusting to me. I have no desire to eliminate any person with views different than mine, and I would expect the same respect. Anyway, go watch this movie.

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