February 08, 2007

So cold, so very cold.

K, so it's been colder than a Yeti's testicles here in at the crossroads of America. My daughter's school was closed down Monday and Tuesday because the temperatures were so low. We were experiencing windchills of about -25 degrees. According to doctors, exposed skin can freeze solid in about 15 minutes at those temperatures. So pretty much everyone cancelled school. It was fine for the kids, but that meant I had to take her to work with me, which is fine for the most part, but I usually end up being somewhat distracted by her. Luckily, she likes hanging out under my desk because she thinks it like a cave or something and I can almost forget she's there at times. She'll periodically stick her head out, like when I feed her or something like that. What I find interesting is that while all the secondary schools closed down, the university stayed open. Obviously, they didn't care about the health and welfare of the kids who have to walk all over campus to get to class. So a co-ed loses a nose, it could be worse. Anyway, it's starting to warm up a little, and by a little we're currently at 13 degrees, which is practically subtropical compared to what we have been living with over the last few days.

And while we're talking about crazy, what the hell is the deal with that astronaut lady? Who puts on Depends so they don't have to stop at the bathroom. I think that's the craziest part of the entire story. But you know, astronauts are trained to just pee in their suits, I think because it can be awhile before you can detach yourself from your seat to go use the toilet like during take-off and stuff. I personally think it would be hard to make myself pee while I was sitting in the car just because we're so conditioned to not pee anywhere but the toilet. That's unless you're a guy, of course. Then it's probably not hard at all.

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