February 13, 2007

Shoot me now.

Have I mentioned before how much I hate Indiana and snow? I think I have. We might have a blizzard later today. I'm really excited. Until the blizzard hits, we're happily occupied with the subzero temperatures and endless lake effect snow. I may or may not have rehearsal depending on the weather later in the day.

My daughter had some kids over on Sunday to go sledding and one of the boys she invited couldn't come because he's a bit sick, so his mother asked if my daughter could come over to their house this Friday for a playdate to makeup for her son not being able to make the sledding day. I told her that would have been great but that my husband was planning on taking our daughter on a zoo tour of several cities while they had the long weekend. So that was that. When I got off the phone I told my daughter how her friend's mother had wanted her to come over but a playdate but that she couldn't. So then my daughter says, "But I really don't want to go on the zoo tour because with the weather it's probably not going to be any fun." I told her that was something she had to discuss with her father. So she goes to my husband and says, "Dad, I really don't think it's a good idea to go on the zoo tour this weekend because the weather is bad and everything. You don't mind, do you?"

My husband, I could tell, was little disappointed with this and said they didn't have to go, but he thought it was something that she would really enjoy. She went into logic mode and said that she would if the weather were better and that they'll only be able to see inside exhibits. She then took him by the hand and asked him to join her in a private conversation. When they came back, she asked me to call her friend's mother and see if she could still go on the playdate. My husband sat down and said, "I've just been stood up for a nine-year-old." So it begins.

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