November 21, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes.

When I picked up my daughter from school yesterday, she told me that they were cancelling school on Wednesday (which was originally scheduled as a half day) because 15% of the student body was absent that day and the administration figured it was best to just give the kids an early holiday since there would most likely be lots of students out for the rest of the week.

"Why were so many kids out?" I asked. On Friday, the school sent home a letter saying a child had been diagnosed with and was being treated for pinworms. The letter described the symptoms so we could all be aware if our own children seemed to be suffering from a similar problem, but I knew this could not explain for 15% of the kids being out.

"Well, now we have head lice," my daughter explained. "I have another letter today."

"Great," I responded.

My daughter went on to explain that a lot of kids also were sick from viruses. "So those are your three choices, Mom," she said. "Either your head itches, or your butt itches or you're throwing up. Isn't that wonderful?"

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