October 03, 2008

Dang, it's been awhile.

I just realized it was the middle of September last time I posted and I can't even say where half a month has gone. It's because I'm doing a play, which always makes time travel at warp speed. In fact, today is the first day in a couple of weeks that I've gotten to just stick around home and I feel like I've been thrown off balance because of it. You know, like when someone presses on the brake when you're not expecting it. I'm a vampire vixen in Dracula, which is turning out to be good fun. I pretty much get my slut on. There are three vixens altogether, and our main job is to sex up Jonathan Harker, which is harder work than one might imagine. But, hey, someone's gotta do the tough jobs.

I told a guy I work with that he should come watch the play, but when I told him what I'm doing in it, he said he doesn't think he'll be able to watch because he'd laugh the entire time. I don't know if I should be offended or not. I mean, seriously, I can do slutty, unholy bride of Dracula. Weirder things have happened.

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