June 08, 2008

It's good to know these things.

This is a picture of the new dog food I bought for my pooch. I mainly bought it for the name: Hunk of Beef. How can you pass up a can of dog food that proclaims itself to be Hunk of Beef? The only way they could have made it better would have been to name it Hunk o' Beef. At any rate, my dog sucked this stuff down like it was crack cocaine, as I imagined she would. So, I started reading the label to see if it really was hunk of beef in the can and I noticed this interesting bit of information.

Here, let me blow it up for you in case you're missing it.

You see it circled in red there? This dog food is kosher, which is really, really good to know because I would not want my dog offending God with the food she eats. Now, as far as I can see, there are only two logical reasons for this dog food to be kosher, either it really does matter what one's dog eats at Passover or the company is telling Jewish people they can serve up this fine cuisine for Seder. Neither explanation sits very well with me. However, I did also notice that up in the high left-hand corner the label says the food is not intended for human consumption, so I guess it's all about having holy dog, which is God spelled backward. I smell conspiracy.

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