January 19, 2007

It's Mookie's birthday

Today is my dog Mookie's first birthday. She had a party at doggy daycare yesterday and, by all accounts, the dogs had a marvelous time. Mookie chowed down on her birthday cake with great enthusiasum, I am told. Anyway, yay for Mookie. OK, I have this thumb nail which is my picking nail and I've managed to pick it halfway down. I've never gotten that far down to the quick with a nail and it's pretty gross looking, but I can make myself stop picking it because I kind of switched to picking from biting my nails. Obviously, something had to be done, though, so I put a fake acrylic nail on it. It looks pretty out of place with the rest of the fingers on my hand because I didn't do anything with the other nails. But, seriously, I had to do something because I was heading into dangerous territory with the nail destruction. I got it down so far that I started to have a morbid curiousity about how far down I could get it. Would it be possible for me to actually pick the entire thing off? I figure once you start wondering shit like that, having a mutant looking fake nail on my thumb isn't so bad.

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