May 20, 2003

What drains the passion from a person? There used to be a time when there wasn't enough time for me to say all the things I wanted to. Now, I can hardly think of anything worth saying. I've been thinking about the hair story I started some time ago and have been feeling a little interested in working on it and seeing where it goes. The main problem is I'm not entirely sure what I want it to talk about. At the time I started it, I was playing with the idea of how asian beauty is processed in the American psyche, which I still think is a good motivator. But what do I want to say about it. I think there are still a lot of stereotypes about people of asian decent in America--primarily that they are somehow still foreign and not actually from America. People always ask where are you from. What's your nationality? As if America and American cannot be the answer. So we're back to the way asian beauty is processed and how asian woman view themselves in relation to the American ideals of beauty. I like to see how the "hipper" asian women do things like have their eyes widened and dye their hair blonde. I should say Korean women, because I don't know if Japanese-, Chinese-, etc.-American women do these things. But Korean-American women love looking good. They love their DKNY, they love their cellphones, they love their platform shoes, they love their razor-sharp hairstyles, they love their cosmetic tattoos.

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